I was a graduate student at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. The books mentioned here were recommended to us by the TIFR faculty during our coursework.

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Core and Elective Courses

Mathematical Methods

Classical Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

Classical Electrodynamics

Computational Physics

Statistical Physics

Nuclear Physics

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Quantum Field Theory

Solid State Physics

Astronomy and Astrophysics


Specialized Courses

Your university might or might not offer these courses. If it does, the name of the following courses might be different from what your university calls them. Names are not important. The content is. Click here to check the syllabus of these courses if the names sound alien to you.

How to do back of the envelope calculations (and improve them later)

  • Polya: How to Solve It
  • Barenblatt: Dimensional Analysis
  • Migdal: Qualitative Methods in Quantum Theory
  • Peierls: Surprises in Theoretical Physics
  • de Gennes: Scaling Concepts in Polymer Physics

Atomic Collisions: Theory and Technique

Neutrino Physics

  • Mohapatra and Pal: Massive Neutrinos in Physics and Astrophysics
  • Giunti and Kim: Fundamentals of Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Flavour Physics

  • PDG: The Review of Particle Physics
  • Bigi and Sanda: CP Violation
  • Branco, Lavoura and Silva: CP violation

    Quantum Optics

  • Mark Fox: Introduction to Quantum Optics
  • Gerry and Knight: Introductory Quantum Optics
  • Rodney Loudon: The Quantum Theory of Light
  • Marlan Scully: Quantum Optics

Plasma Physics

Photonics: Basic Concepts, Design, Fabrication and Applications